The Essence of Wetness

July 19, 2018 NaN
The Essence of Wetness
Towelite Talk
The Essence of Wetness

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The Boys are Back with another geektastic episode. Listen to them navigate the waters of Atlantis, the galaxy of Solo, and the onslaught of pre-San Diego Comic Con insanity!





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-SDCC starts TODAY!

-100th Episode and 6 year anniversary hype and giveaway coming!!

-need content creators

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May 13, 2016 NaN
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Live from Punta Cana!

Last week we had the good fortune of being on vacation in the lovely Dominican Republic. During that time, the Gods truly smiled upon us as we merged the Multi-Headed Hydra Podcasts of Gourmet Scum Radio with Towelite Talk. For even more stank, we threw in our friend Meredith. What you have is Towelite Scum Live from Punta Cana!  Be sure to check out our other great podcasts: Those Geeks You Know, Gourmet Scum Radio, and the Pursuit of Plastic. Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or  Stitcher and rate and review us! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. We also have a donation page HERE where any support you can give us goes right back into the site for better equipment and podcast hosting. Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...


Episode 202

June 18, 2021 01:10:11
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202 - ToweliteHawks

Chris and Casey are back in the studio together with a crappy microphone and a song in their hearts. Geeks of Silver, Towels of Steel! The newest episode is gonna rock you! INTRO GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - Movies, TV & Games Issa Rae is Spider-Woman Jessica Drew in ITSV2 Jameela Jamil cast as Titania in She-Hulk   DC - Movies, TV & Games Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom  First look at new Shazam suit  Batman Returns suit teased for The Flash movie Blue Beetle HBOMax? SS will be 2 hours and 12 minutes Titans S3   SW - Movies, TV & Games Robert Emms joins Andor Krennic returns! Saw?  Star Wars: Visions Sneak Peek Will Debut at Anime Expo Lite in july    COMMERCIAL    Comics   Marvel  Death of Dr Strange    Darkhold  DC “Batman vs. Bigby! A Wolf in Gotham” Batman Fables xover  Deathstroke INC Hellboy short stories  Bad Idea shuts down   Crowd$ourcery   The Illusion Witch     TV Netflix MOTU teaser Jupiter's Legacy Cancelled Supercrooks will be LA and an anime Shadow and Bone S2 renewal Z Snyder Twilight of the Gods  ...



July 28, 2021 00:31:42
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Pursuit of Plastic - SDCC 2021

Enjoy a special bonus episode of Towelite Talk because sometimes there's just TOO MUCH to talk about! Enjoy our rundown with this special episode of Pursuit of Plastic - SDCC 2021! INTRO Sideshow Hammer horror icons Marvel -LEGO Minifigure series  -Mondo Animated Wolverine EXCL.McFarlane  -Princess Bride  -Lobo -DC Direct Collectibles Master LicenseNECAS7 GiJoe Ultimates COMMERCIAL Star Wars -HT Fett and Throne  -LEGO UCS Republic Gunship -Clone Wars animated figuresGB AfterlifeMezco -Secret agent gomez and Gaslight Joker preorders -Reveals -Robin MOTU  -mondo madness -QMX CLOSE   White Imprints - DFAT ENTERTAINMENT APPAREL!  ...