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Two best friends since childhood talking the latest news from the pop culture world. Collectibles, video games, TV, movies, comics and more! You can find out more by visiting our website for all things Geekly. DFAT Entertainment was created by Casey Bowker and Chris Walk. Title music credits

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Farce Friday

    And we're back! Sorry for the long hiatus, but we've had a lot of things going on with Towelite Talk and DFAT in general. We haven't done a Pursuit of Plastic or TT in some ...


  2. A Split-Screen Personality

    I'm sure everyone has experiences of playing video games with their friends and family in the same room. With the invention of the internet and the de-evolution of games like Rockband; co-operative gameplay has had ...


  3. Comic Book Talk

    Casey and very special guest star, Jake, discuss the comics that influenced them. What they grew up, and what they're looking forward to in the Comic Books of Today!   ...


  4. The Flash Season One Recap

    Following up from our first Flash Podcast, Chris and Casey hit the earwaves to talk about the amazing first season of The Flash. How did DC manage to come out with a show thats ...


  5. Arrow Season 3 Recap

    Following up from our first Arrow podcast, Chris and Casey hit the earwaves to talk about Season 3. The Al Ghul's, Black Canaries, and Red Arrows are a-plenty in our newest podcast! ...