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Two best friends since childhood talking the latest news from the pop culture world. Collectibles, video games, TV, movies, comics and more! You can find out more by visiting our website for all things Geekly. DFAT Entertainment was created by Casey Bowker and Chris Walk. Title music credits

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Force Awakens Pt. 2

    Chris, Casey, and Moses are back to get deeper into this majestic piece of film history. They explore some of the things that didn't quite work in the film, and what they expect to happen in the next installment. Take a listen below. Be sure to check out our other great ...


  2. The Force Awakens Pt. 1

    In this very special edition of Towelite Talk, we'll be getting deeper into our discussion on The Force Awakens. The DFAT Crew of Chris, Casey, and Moses start their first of MANY talks about Star Wars Episode VII. Listen to their thoughts, dreams, speculations and more below! Be sure to check ...


  3. Star Wars Battlefront

    To match up with the most anticipated movie of the year, Chris and Casey had to talk about the most anticipated film of the year: Star Wars Battlefront. We go over our impressions of the game and how much fun they've had playing it. Listen to another Star Wars themed ...


  4. Towelite Talk discusses the DC Cinematic Universe

    Chris and Casey decided to tackle a subject that's been on everyone's mind lately, STAR WARS! No, just kidding. This episode is all about the DC Cinematic Universe. We're still Months away from the first film, Batman V Superman, but that doesn't mean there isn't plenty of speculation to be ...


  5. Towelite Talk and the new Star Wars Comics!

    Hello Towelites! We're back with a new episode and Chris and Casey decide to revisit one of their favorite subjects, Star Wars. The specific topic is all about the new comics under the Marvel/Disney umbrella. Each one plays into the canon and we get DEEP into their influence on the galaxy ...