Pursuit of Plastic - SDCC 2021

July 28, 2021 00:31:42
Pursuit of Plastic - SDCC 2021
Towelite Talk
Pursuit of Plastic - SDCC 2021

Show Notes

Enjoy a special bonus episode of Towelite Talk because sometimes there's just TOO MUCH to talk about! Enjoy our rundown with this special episode of Pursuit of Plastic - SDCC 2021!


Sideshow Hammer horror icons
 -LEGO Minifigure series
 -Mondo Animated Wolverine EXCL.
 -Princess Bride
 -DC Direct Collectibles Master License
S7 GiJoe Ultimates


Star Wars
 -HT Fett and Throne
 -LEGO UCS Republic Gunship
 -Clone Wars animated figures
GB Afterlife
 -Secret agent gomez and Gaslight Joker preorders
 -mondo madness




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