Towelite Talk

203 - It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Towelite!

203 - It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Towelite!
Towelite Talk
203 - It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a Towelite!

Casey and Chris were about to record the latest episode when suddenly a slew of gigantic robots attacked the city! Then up in the sky came their savior! Was it a bird?! Was it a plane?! NO IT WAS TOWELITE HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!! Thank the gods because they needed to get this episode out for YOUR listening pleasures!



RIP Richard Donner 



Marvel - Movies, TV & Games

Black Widow $218 mil world-wide (60mil D+)

The word of Fiege

-More prequels coming

-No more multi movie contracts 

What If? trailer and poster

Loki finale 


DC - Movies, TV & Games 

Madame X 

Black Adam finishes production 

Young Justice S4 10/21


SW - Movies, TV & Games

TOR 10th anniv

Visions BTS (releases 9/22) & first look at Ronin







-Dark Ages

-BP delayed



-Long Halloween Special

-Human Target

-Catwoman Lonely city 


Netflix - Mark Millar reveals King of Spies

Behemoth -Ruben Romero signs deal for Illusion Witch



Distilled - crafting spirits card game


Silverhawks revival 

Something is Killing the Children

Blade runner black lotus

American Horror Stories trailer

Chapelwaite trailer 

The Witcher

S2 12/17 - trailer

Sophia Brown joins Witcher prequel in main role 

Michelle Yeoh cast



Witcher Anime - Knightmare of the Wolf

Amblin Netflix deal

Transformers Rise of the Beasts 6/24/22. Ron Pearlman cast as Optimus Primal

The Harder They Fall

Don’t Breathe 2 this August

Snyder-Netflix Rebel Moon





AC Infinity

D&D MTG free modules - MTG Arena now has Forgotten Realms 

D&D Kids - Dungeon Scrawlers 

Switch OLED

Super Mario 64 sells for record breaking 1.5mil



LEGO Seinfeld  

Sideshow The Dude 

MOTU Revelation wave 2 (EE affiliate link)

Batman 66 Batmobile and Batcave preorder. Figures in store Aug and online Sept. 

Hasbro Pulse con



White Imprints 

DFAT Entertainment 



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