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Episode 183 - The Towelite Family

Towelite Talk
Episode 183 - The Towelite Family

They're geeky, they're kooky, and all together Spooky. They're the Towelite Family and they're here to give you all the geekstastic news of the week! Chris and Casey will take you on an adventure of epic proportions, take a listen below!


GEEKIN' out 

Marvel - TV, Movies & Games

  • Xochitl Gomez Cast In of Doctor Strange 2
  • Lena Headey and Luke Wilson cast in Next Gen
  • Oscar Issac Moonknight?
  • Spider-Man 3 started filming 

DC - TV, Movies & Games 

  • MBJ to produce Static Shock movie 
  • Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello join Snydercut
  • Guggenheim will write GL for HBOMax, departs Arrowverse
  • Stargirl
    • Nick Tarabay (Cap Boomerang) cast as Eclipso
    • Jonathan Cake as the Shade
  • Red Hood reveal 

SW - TV, Movies & Games

  • High Republic Padawans
  • Mandalorian xbox controller
  • Mando Friday!!!!!


  • DC
    • Red X Future Slate
  • Marvel
    • Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon written by Larry Hama and art David Wachter
      • Six issue miniseries




  • Tim Burton LA Addams Family
  • Saved by the Bell trailer
  • Netflix announces Assassin’s Creed Live Action show
  • Willow coming to D+ with Warwick Davis and Jon M Chu directing pilot
  • Jonathan Entwistle will be helming a movie and tv continuation of power rangers connected verse
  • SYFY Day of the Dead gets director Steven Kostanski
    • Castings
  • Quibi is dead


  • Rescue rangers LA in works for Disney Plus
  • Jamie Foxx in Day Shift Netflix vampire movie
  • First look at Uncharted movie with Nathan Drake and Sully  
    • Filming done 
  • Battlestar Galactica movie from Kinberg
  • No Time to Die being shopped around to streaming services 600mil
  • V for Vendetta back in theatres on 10/30 Filmmaker Conversation About the Dystopia Adaptation


  • Unboxing videos of PS5 released
  • Cyberpunk delayed DEC
  • Ghostrunner


  • LEGO Ideas Sesame Street set NOV 1
  • McFarlane
    • Princess Bride
    • Airbender 
    • Bane & Injustice
    • E2 Bats Target sold out. 
    • Nightwing v Red Hood 2 pack preorder sold out (wide?)
  • Mezco 
    • Static 6
    • Doctor Fate
    • Leatherface preorder tomorrow 
  • Mondo Creature from BL 1/6
  • Hot Toys Jango Fett
  • Mando everything


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