225 - Planet of the Towelites

Episode 225 July 03, 2022 01:22:54
225 - Planet of the Towelites
Towelite Talk
225 - Planet of the Towelites

Show Notes

Casey and Chris found themselves in a future dystopia where the Towelites had taken over. How? They did not know but what they did know is that they had to get this podcast recorded in order to save the world!


RIP - Tim Sale, Phillip Baker Hall, Everett Peck, Gregory Jein, Joe Turkel 


Marvel - TV, Movies & Games

DC - TV, Movies & Games

SW - TV, Movies & Games


Marvel - Halloween extravaganza, Midnight Suns POTA 2023

DC - Tim Drake ongoing & George Perez portfolio 

Image - Vanish 

IDW - TMNT Saturday Morning Adventures

Titan Comics - Conan 










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