200 - The 200th Episode

Episode 200 May 21, 2021 01:21:10
200 - The 200th Episode
Towelite Talk
200 - The 200th Episode

Show Notes

Casey and Chris got together for a special LIVE episode of Towelite Talk to celebrate their 200th episode! You can check out the episode on both the DFAT Entertainment Facebook and Youtube


200 episodes!! DFAT through the years.



Marvel - Movies, TV & Games

DC - Movies, TV & Games 

SW - Movies, TV & Games

Special Guest: Jake from The Campfire Chats and Bull & Moose Tavern










Special Guest: Rocco from Critical Mass Podcast and Listen Up Casuals



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March 22, 2018 NaN
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I'll Always Be a Toys 'R Us Kid

Chris and Casey have a slew of Pop Culture news to share with you on this most auspicious of THORSdays. Toys 'R Us, Marvel, Star Wars and much more on this grand 'ol episode of Towelite Talk! Show Notes: Marvel Infinity war Trailer and tickets outselling everything Where’s hawkeye where’s nick fury Sequel will be a true sequel BP 5 weeks on top (Avatar/6th sense) Cloak and dagger new preview   DC JL vol 1 features creative team Scott Snyder &  Jorge Jimenez. Team line up includes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Cyborg, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern John Stewart. Fans of the animated series rejoice. Covers for Action Comics 1000 Shazam logo revealed   Ava Duverny on New Gods Matt Ryan’s Constantine will become a reg on S4 of LOT   Commercial   EE Shadow of the Tomb Raider in September Atari unveils new console, the VCS Elisabeth Moss will be joining Tiffany Haddish and Melissa McCarthy in New Line’s adaptation of ‘The Kitchen’ Indiana Jones 5 starts filming next april Charlie Bean will be directing the live-action Lady and the Tramp remake Supernatural/Scooby Doo xover 3/29 ...


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Episode 123 - The Towelite Phoenix Saga

 Chris and Casey are back on the mic this week to get into a GALAXY-filled episode of geekly news. From Marvel's winning at the Oscars, to the Gremlins making their way back to the mainstream, to Topher Grace's obsession with Midochlorians, and so much more! Marvel TV & Movies Black Panther Oscar wins Spiderverse oscar win and digital release Alternate Universe Mode Rotten Tomatoes re-considering Audience Score System thanks to Cap Marvel No future announcements until after Avengers and Spider-Man Movies this year. Eternals could span tens of thousands of years according to Feige Disney Fox merger near done, March 8th? X-Men Dark Phoenix poster and trailer DC TV & Movies Will Smith departs SS2 Ezra Miller “thinks” Flash movie is still happening. Speedster multiverse? Movie-verse to “concentrate on the individual character” Aquaman digital release 3/3. Aquaman 2 12/16/2022 Titans: Joshua Orpin cast as Connor Kent Batwoman cannot bring Batman into Arrowverse… “as close as they can” Constantine reboot in the works? Rumored to include Matt Ryan Comics IDW Transformers Ghostbusters crossover. Ectotron. June. Usagi Yojimbo. Stan Sakai brings classic character to publisher. June. DC Walmart loses Giant size exclusivity COMMERCIAL TV His Dark Materials trailer ...


Episode 115

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Episode 115 - #happy2019

It's the Year 2019 and this years resolution involves even more geekly news from Chris and Casey. To start it off, they dive into Aquaman, MarVELLous movies, and so much more. Listen to this years #1 podcast in bi-coastal markets! Show Notes:   Marvel Punisher teasers. Jude Law is Captain Marvell Venom sequel official DC Aquaman sales JL vs Fatal 5 voice cast announced. JL animated trinity returns! Batman Long Halloween animated? Kiteman coming to gotham Batwoman pilot greelit w/ David Nutter ( GOT)  to direct YJ first impressions Commercial EE Comics Bendis 2019 tease.. Legion, 4th world and more. Aladdin anthology comic coming from Dark Horse TV Netflix animated anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller ‘Love Death and Robots’ HBO trailer: First look at Watchmen and GOT Hanna tv show trailer Movies The Predator alt ending featured “super suits” belonging to Ripley and Newt Dave Bautista joins Dune Skateboarding based Space Jam movie Polar coming to netflix Glass will use unused Unbreakable footage. Takes place 15 years after unbreakable, 3 weeks after Split. Son reprises his role Gaming Alien Blackout on Mobile WOW developers making marvel game SW POP BS Grevious Super 7 Club Grayskull W4 preorder through 1/31 We’re now available on RadioPublic, a fantastic service thats going offer our listeners the best way to access the podcast ...