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201 - Towelite: The Caped Crusader

201 - Towelite: The Caped Crusader
Towelite Talk
201 - Towelite: The Caped Crusader

From the shadows the dark knight emerged and took down the villain! It was Towelite: The Caped Crusader! The day was saved! Thankfully because Casey and Chris had to get this podcast recorded! TOOT SWEET!


  • RIP Kentaro Miura
  • Amazon buys MGM


Marvel - Movies, TV & Games

  • Eternals trailer
  • Secret Invasion
  • Christopher McDonald cast
  • Okoye back for Disney+ spinoff
  • Aaron Taylor Johnson is Kraven 
  • Sinister Six?

DC - Movies, TV & Games

  • Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah to direct Batgirl 
  • Mark Strong not in Shazam 2
  • Injustice animated movie 
  • Freddie Stroma cast as vigilante in Peacemaker
  • Jeremy Irvine Alan Scott GL show
    • Director Lee Toland Krieger
  • Beebo Xmas special 
  • Painkiller not picked up
  • New animated shows
    • Batman The Caped Crusader
    • My Adventures with Superman 

SW - Movies, TV & Games

  • Rangers of the New Republic on hold 
  • JJ says SW sequels would have been better with a plan



  • Marvel 
    • Ridley Black Panther Aug
  • DC
    • Batman Fear State Aug
    • Joker Puzzle Box
  • Image 
    • King Spawn 
  • Possessive 


  • DFAT Comics artist RJ Silvers - Rajahalla: Fantasy Martial Arts Action Adventure on Kickstarter 


  • Rick and Morty Vindicators Spinoff
  • Sandman castings 
  • Miles Teller Godfather 
  • Merle Dandridge back to play Marlene again, in LOU show


  • Henry Cavill cast in Highlander 
  • Fear Street
  • Hocus Pocus 2
  • Wonka 
  • Evil Dead Rise 



  • Goonies Funko Board Game
  • J&SB Mall Brawl



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