Episode 172 - J. Jonah Towelite

Episode 172 June 11, 2020 NaN
Towelite Talk
Episode 172 - J. Jonah Towelite

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Chris and Casey are BACK with another episode filled to the brim with geekiness galore! Listen to them discuss Comics a-go-go, How many Jokers is too many Jokers?, the thrilling adventures of the Multiverse, and so much more!


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Episode 112: 2018 Geekly Gift Guide

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Chris and Casey had an insane time at Toy Fair 2017 and got to meet with a bunch of awesome people. Hear them chat with Jim Fletcher from DC Collectibles! As usual, make sure to follow us on Facebook, and you can listen to the episodes on Stitcher and iTunes. We also have other shows on our Podcasting Network that includes: Gourmet Scum Radio and our main cast, Towelite Talk. You can follow us both on @chazvoltaire and @cynicnerd on the Twitter and Instagram where we share our Pursuit of Plastic pics. You can also email us show ideas or ask questions and more at [email protected] Thanks for listening and we appreciate your support! ...