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208 - Towelites of the Old Republic

208 - Towelites of the Old Republic
Towelite Talk
208 - Towelites of the Old Republic

Casey and Chris knew they would never achieve the rank of master so they decided to start a trade dispute and take over the universe. Will their new powers be enough to rule the galaxy? Find out on today's podcast!


RIP Norm MacDonald 


Marvel - Movies, TV & Games

  • 4 new movie dates 
  • Andy Serkis says Venom will meet Spider-Man. Not if, but when.
  • Hit Monkey Trailer
  • Hawkeye trailer 
  • Mark Millar states LA Marvel Zombies project in the works 
  • Insomniac 
    • Spidey 2 - Venom 
    • Wolverine 

DC - Movies, TV & Games 

  • Penguin HBOMax
  • Injustice trailer - R-Rating
  • Batman Unburied Riddler 
  • Batman Gotham City Chronicles RPG

SW - Movies, TV & Games

  • KOTOR Remake
  • Star Wars Hunters trailer
  • Quantic Dream game
  • GL doc by Kasdan
  • Tomorrow and Tomorrow fan film 




  • King Conan DEC
  • Amazing Fantasy record sale


  • World of Krypton 
  • Shadows of the Bat 
  • Batgirls 
  • Swamp Thing BL



  • True Lies TV Show in works
  • Picard picked up for S3
  • Tomb Raider anime Lara Croft is Hayley Atwell. Powerhouse
  • Lock and Key S2 - Oct 22nd
  • Midnight Mass this weekend
  • Grendel
  • Gwendoline Christie joins Wednesday
  • She-ra LA Amazon?
  • Anthony Mackie Twisted Metal?


  • matrix 4 trailer 
  • Rosario Dawson and Owen Wilson join The Haunted Mansion 
  • More mortal Kombat Films?
  • Nightmare Alley trailer 
  • Lost Boys casting




  • NECA Jaws Matt Hooper 
  • Loot Crate Bat Turtle 
  • Mezco 18" Godzilla preorder 
  • Sun Man & PowerCon reveals (It Crept from Eternia episode)
  • McFarlane Three Jokers 



Ridley’s Gaming Realm:

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