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207 - Towelite Legions

207 - Towelite Legions
Towelite Talk
207 - Towelite Legions

"That's no Orc horn" Casey exclaimed as he and Chris awaited their impending doom from the castle's walls. The armies had marched for days to reach the stronghold and the last defense this world has are your favorite podcast hosts! They'll take care of business once this episode is recorded...


RIP Ed Asner and Michael K Williams 


Marvel - Movies, TV & Games

  • Shang Chi huge holiday weekend 
  • Venom 2 PG-13 - 10/1

DC - Movies, TV & Games 

  • First look Aquaman new costume and castaway Orm
  • Bloodsport spinoff?
  • Dead Boy Detectives 
  • Poison Ivy coming to Batwoman 
  • Injustice Animated Movie 10/19

SW - Movies, TV & Games

  • LEGO Battles on Apple Arcade
  • Star Wars Halloween trailer 



  • Marvel
    • Devil's Reign 
    • Future of Marvel 
  • Cowboy Bebop 
  • Berserk Art exhibit 
    • manga to end on ch 364?



  • Acme Night 
  • Wheel of Time
  • LA Rick and Morty teaser for S5 


  • New Expendables
  • New Rocketeer D+
  • Red Notice trailer
  • Old Guard 2



  • GI Joe RPG
  • RUMOR GB & GBC games coming to switch online 
  • Alan Wake Remastered this Fall


  • McFarlane
    • Batman Y2
    • First look at Princess Bride preorder next week 
  • Haslab Transformers
  • TMNT/Cobra Kai
  • NECA Yosagi Yojimbo 
  • Power Lords Nacelle 
  • 4HS Cosmic Legions 9/10



Ridley’s Gaming Realm:

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