March Madness

March 24, 2017 NaN
March Madness
Towelite Talk
March Madness

Show Notes

Just as a heads up: this episode has NOTHING to do with sports. It has everything to do with comics, movies, Star Wars, and everything geeky in between. Still here? Well then take a listen to the newest episode.

Show Notes:

Bernie Wrightson passed away 


Professor X’s wheelchair in latest Legion episode

Sly Stallone as nova corps in GOTG2

Michael Rosenbaum as nova or warlock?

Anthony Mackie says movie and tv universes are separate.

Iron fist thoughts

Cable as Pitt, Michael Shannon

Venom movie

Silver Sable/Black Cat movie - written by Chris Yost


David s goyer directing green lantern corps 

Where does DC go after JL?

New JL trailer teased

2018 only has one DC movie so far

manganiello doesn't know if he's deathstroke

Dark Days comics



XO dropped

Quantum and Woody produced by Russos

Everything Else

Death Note netflix trailer

Alien Covenant poster

Molly Ringwald to play Archies mom in Riverdale

Connery sideshow from big chief

Han Solo bandai release

Obi Wan HT

Han Solo standalone will span 6 years

Maul vs Obi Wan fight

Celebration - soon

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