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211 - Towelite Saints

211 - Towelite Saints
Towelite Talk
211 - Towelite Saints

Casey and Chris are back with another informative and Geekly episode of Towelite Talk! They were reunited with a couple of their friends and went on a whirlwind adventure of eating delicious subs and listening to synthwave music. 2 days later they emerged and recorded this episode. Enjoy the show!



Marvel - Movies, TV & Games

  • Morbius Trailer
  • Bill Murray joins Antman & the Wasp: Quantum-mania
  • Werewolf by Night Halloween special 

DC - Movies, TV & Games 

  • Brendon Fraser Firefly in Batgirl
  • The Trench was a Black Manta movie
  • Darnell Metayer and Josh Peters are set to write Val Zod
  • Stargirl Frenemies 
    • Keith David as Mr Bones 
  • Naomi - Jan 11 on CW

SW - Movies, TV & Games

  • LEGO Castaways
  • Book of Boba trailer
  • Disney Plus Day predictions 



  • Marvel
    • Silver Surfer
    • GR 50th 2022
    • Iron Fist no more 
  • Valiant
    • Year of Valiant
  • Image



  • Quiet place video game by Saber Interactive
  • Arcane league of legends
  • RE Village Free DLC 
  • Marvel Avengers DLC - Spiderman
  • Netflix Android is live 


  • Daniel Dae Kim cast in Airbender
  • McFarlane TV
  • National Treasure casting 



  • Boondock Saints 3
  • Gail Gadot as Evil Queen in Snow White LA
  • James Bobin on Percy Jackson pilot 
  • Dune 2 greenlit October 2023
  • Zack Snyder
    • Planet of the Dead 
    • Rebel Moon finds its lead
  • RDJ & Matt Damon join Nolan's Oppenheimer 
  • 8 Bit Christmas
  • Taiki taking on The Incal


  • PSA Hasbro No More
  • S7 
    • Silverhawks W2
    • Gi-Joe W2 
  • Bandai Banpresto SW Visions 
  • DST 
    • Stormtrooper 
  • NECA 
    • TMNT/Universal Monsters 
    • Last of Us
  • LEGO Home Alone
  • Iron Studios Mando Luke Skywalker statue Combat Version




Ridley’s Gaming Realm:

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