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Two best friends since childhood talking the latest news from the pop culture world. Collectibles, video games, TV, movies, comics and more! You can find out more by visiting our website for all things Geekly. DFAT Entertainment was created by Casey Bowker and Chris Walk. Title music credits

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Latest Episodes…

  1. DC TV 2016 Wrap Up Pt. 2

    You loved our first episode wrapping up all the DC's show so much, we just HAD to give you Towlites part two. This episode is all about Flash and Arrow. One of them is super happy and fun and seems to be going in a cool direction, one of them ...


  2. DC TV 2016 Wrap Up Pt. 1

    It's the wonderful time of year again. You know, the one where we talk about all of your favorite DC Television shows. This episode we touch upon Gotham, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl. Take a listen below! Be sure to check out our other great podcasts:  ...


  3. The Comic Book Bubble

    It's been said that Comic Book Films and television series will go the way of the Western, Chris and Casey don't quite agree. Take a listen as they geek out about today's pop culture news and if the Comic Book Bubble will truly burst. Be sure to check out our ...


  4. Live from Punta Cana!

    Last week we had the good fortune of being on vacation in the lovely Dominican Republic. During that time, the Gods truly smiled upon us as we merged the Multi-Headed Hydra Podcasts of Gourmet Scum Radio with Towelite Talk. For even more stank, we threw in our friend Meredith. What ...


  5. Collectibles Cavern Pt. 1

    It’s been a loooooong time since we last had an episode of Pursuit of Plastic for you guys, and we thank you for sticking with us through the podcast transition. We know we’ve gained a lot of new listeners through the instagrampage and as a reward, our new episode is ready for your ...