Phase 7 and Beyond...

July 30, 2018 NaN
Phase 7 and Beyond...
Towelite Talk
Phase 7 and Beyond...

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It's Episode 100! As Don't Forget a Towel is starting it's journey into Phase 7, Chris and Casey look back over the past 6 years at how they got to where they are now and what the future holds. Oh, and there's some geekly news thrown in for good measure!

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June 16, 2016 NaN
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DC TV 2016 Wrap Up Pt. 2

You loved our first episode wrapping up all the DC's show so much, we just HAD to give you Towlites part two. This episode is all about Flash and Arrow. One of them is super happy and fun and seems to be going in a cool direction, one of them is poop on toast. Listen to the episode or read the show notes to find out which one we prefer!  SHOW NOTES Arrow: Overall thoughts on season: Pros: Becomes Green Arrow Constantine and Sara’s return The Calculator played by Tom Amandes, it was kinda cool that they made him felicity’s dad Vixen (Mari McCabe same as cartoon), great way to intro the animated character in. Want to see more of her Damian Darke played Neil McDonough (baby face) was ok bad guy A little lighter, I guess.. He’s still not that funny. Hopefully the Flashpoint will fix all that, compare to rebirth Fight scenes were cool Diggle killing his brother. FINALLY  Curtis Holt played by echo Kellum (Mister Terrific in the comics). Get rid of felicity and use him. Crossover episodes were good Cons: Still trying too hard to be TV Batman Magic is your big thing this season and it’s used poorly (outside of Vixen) Killed Black ...


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It's the Year 2019 and this years resolution involves even more geekly news from Chris and Casey. To start it off, they dive into Aquaman, MarVELLous movies, and so much more. Listen to this years #1 podcast in bi-coastal markets! Show Notes:   Marvel Punisher teasers. Jude Law is Captain Marvell Venom sequel official DC Aquaman sales JL vs Fatal 5 voice cast announced. JL animated trinity returns! Batman Long Halloween animated? Kiteman coming to gotham Batwoman pilot greelit w/ David Nutter ( GOT)  to direct YJ first impressions Commercial EE Comics Bendis 2019 tease.. Legion, 4th world and more. Aladdin anthology comic coming from Dark Horse TV Netflix animated anthology series from David Fincher and Tim Miller ‘Love Death and Robots’ HBO trailer: First look at Watchmen and GOT Hanna tv show trailer Movies The Predator alt ending featured “super suits” belonging to Ripley and Newt Dave Bautista joins Dune Skateboarding based Space Jam movie Polar coming to netflix Glass will use unused Unbreakable footage. Takes place 15 years after unbreakable, 3 weeks after Split. Son reprises his role Gaming Alien Blackout on Mobile WOW developers making marvel game SW POP BS Grevious Super 7 Club Grayskull W4 preorder through 1/31 We’re now available on RadioPublic, a fantastic service thats going offer our listeners the best way to access the podcast ...


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Episode IV: A Newer Hope

Chris and Casey discuss their love of Star Wars and how it's shaped their friendship. ...