Knightmare Fuel

March 29, 2016 NaN
Knightmare Fuel
Towelite Talk
Knightmare Fuel

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Chris and Casey are back with a brand new episode and this one is truly letting the hate flow through us. They delve deep into the world of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and take you along for the ride. What worked? What didn't work? What was just weird and didn't even make sense? All these questions will be answered and so much more as they discuss the DCCU and the future film franchises. Hold on to your butts, because you're in for some serious...


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March 29, 2018 NaN
Episode Cover


  It's that wonderful time of the week where Chris and Casey get on the microphone and drop some mad geeky science on ya'll. The pop culture references are out and about with some X-Force frontin', Aquaman swimming, kickstarter launchin', and so much more. Take a listen and enjoy! Show Notes: Hollowed Kickstarter Marvel Jay Ali in DDS3. Ali is set to play the role of Rahul “Ray” Nadeem, an honest but ambitious FBI agent willing to go to any length for his family Chris Evans confirms he’s leaving Cap Role after Avengers 4 Hawkeye gets his own Poster for Infinity War Ronan, Coulson, and Korath all join Captain Marvel Dark Phoenix next Feb, New Mutants Next August New Deadpool trailers show off X-Force, including Terry Crews and special cameo FXX not moving forward with animated Deadpool series DC Injustice 2 Legendary Edition out now Batman Ninja touted as being amazing Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay out now on digital, 4/10 disc James Wan not releasing Aquaman trailer until it’s not subpar Commercial EE Karate Kid and first 2 episodes of Kobra Kai hit theatres April 23rd Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth are your new Men in Black Entertainment One/Mark Gordon has closed a deal to develop, produce and finance a TV series adaptation of the popular Street Fighter global video game franchise, with Joey Ansah, Jacqueline Quella and Mark Wooding, the team behind the live-action web series Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Gina Rodriguez is Carmen Sandiego Spielberg confirms Tin Tin is not dead Lego Incredibles coming this Summer Stranger Things 3 starts filming this summer. Takes place in Summer 1985. Even more ...


Episode 167

April 23, 2020 NaN
Episode Cover

Episode 167 - Best TV Shows

Casey is joined by Bob and Dave from Those Geeks You Know to chat about their favorite television shows. Whether it's Seinfeld, Friday Night Lights, or the X-Files; they're gonna chat about all the best shows they've ever seen. Listen to the brand new episode and get all nostalgic with them! Listen to us on Google Podcasts! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...


Episode 172

June 11, 2020 NaN
Episode Cover

Episode 172 - J. Jonah Towelite

Chris and Casey are BACK with another episode filled to the brim with geekiness galore! Listen to them discuss Comics a-go-go, How many Jokers is too many Jokers?, the thrilling adventures of the Multiverse, and so much more! Intro Geeking out about? Hype KS for Hollowed  Etsy Store Plug The Agency KS Marvel TV & Movies JK Simmons under contract for multiple Spidey films  Evan Peters to appear in Wandavision? Hawkeye working title "anchor point"  Into the Spider-Verse 2 starts production DC TV & Movies  Kate Kane being replaced entirely in Batwoman  DC Daily cancelled  Hartley Sawyer fired from The Flash The Batman (trilogy) to cast a new Joker? Doom Patrol s2 trailer Star Wars John Boyega revolution  Mando S2 2nd unit director, Sam Hargraves (Extraction) SWRPG Comics DC  cuts ties with Diamond  Bendis to wrap Superman run DICK Grayson Nightwing to return in Joker War Stjepan Šejić announces exit for creator-owned comic COMMERCIAL  TV Tom Ellis back for Lucifer S6(66) Unsolved Mysteries Reboot to Debut on Netflix on July 1st Remender confirms no season 2 on Deadly Class Movies Bill and Ted face the music teaser Universal Monsters Ryan Gosling Wolfman Dracula will be faithful to Stoker according to director Karyn Kusuma Godzilla vs Kong synopsis  King Ghidorah to appear? Disney+ Reveals Full June Lineup, Including ARTEMIS FOWL, MALEFICENT: MISTRESS OF EVIL & More  Bruce Cambell revealed that Sam Raimi handpicked indie director Lee Cronin to helm “Evil Dead Now.” Gaming MOTU boardgame KS announced RE 8 incoming Gaming showcases and more put on hold   PS5 6/11 No man's sky cross play tomorrow POP NECA Sarah and John Connor 2pack Inspector Gadget Megahero Action Figure JP Amber Collection Nedry and Dilophosaurus  Closing Listen to us on Google Podcasts! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...