Heroes for Hire?

October 26, 2018 NaN
Heroes for Hire?
Towelite Talk
Heroes for Hire?

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Chris and Casey are Back to the podcasting world that they know and you love! Sorry for the hiatus but you know, life. Anywho, the geek flag is flying strong in this episode as we talk Netflix, The MCU, Red Dead Redemption and so much more!

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Can you guys believe it's almost time for Black Panther!? Like, we're going to be getting an actual Black Panther movie in a week directed by Ryan Coogler! It's hard to wrap your head around that. Guess what? We geeked out about it this episode and that Solo trailer and a bunch of other stuff. Listen won't you? Show Notes: Marvel Black Panther early reactions through the roof Album due out on the 9th Wesley Snipes and John Singleton tried to do in the 90s Mezco Black Panther Ant-Man and the Wasp trailer Infinity War super bowl spot DC Brian Michael Bendis doing superman/action comics and revamping Jinxworld Metropolis TV show Martian Manhunter and Cyborg JL origins retconned. Everything Else UK company, Cineworld takes over Regal Cinemas Westworld S2 teaser during SB. One of six parks? New TMNT Animated Mario movie Mario Kart mobile 2019   BTTF Manga from One Punch Man artist Commercial Cloverfield 4 Overlord (WW2). Paradox hits Netflix by surprise Bad Boys for Life starts PP in aug Sony could be up for sale Star Wars Andy Serkis asked if he’d return to Star Wars. Hinted HE may return not snoke Johnson confirms no funeral scene for han in the film Talks deleted scenes with more finn and luke Solo tease and trailer Pursuit of Plastic Hot Toys Emperor (deluxe) and Red Guard Be sure to check out our other great podcasts: Gourmet Scum Radio, and the Pursuit of Plastic. Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or  Stitcher and rate and review us! If you wanna ...



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