Episode 180 - ToweliteVision

Episode 180 September 18, 2020 NaN
Episode 180 - ToweliteVision
Towelite Talk
Episode 180 - ToweliteVision

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Casey and Chris JUST returned from an intergalactic Toy Hunting adventure to find themselves needing to record a podcast. Luckily while they were gone a lot of Geekly things happened so take a listen!!



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Episode 151

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Episode 151 - Towelites of the Caribbean

They say that it's a 'Pirates Life for Me' and for Chris and Casey, I guess it is. They've gone to scouring Davy Jones' locker for some sweet toy swag and came across the recording of their new episode. So dust off the barnacles and get ready for the latest episode! Intro Marvel TV & Movies Renner is still Hawkeye  Tim Miller Kitty Pryde movie aka Movie 143 is dead  Daily Bugle dot net continues! Production on Falcon and Winter Soldier has begun  DC TV & Movies  Arrowverse 'Superman and Lois' show in the development. Jon Kent? Batwoman gets full season order (22 episodes) HBO Max Green Lantern Strange Adventure Dc Super Hero High Jeffrey Wright Confirmed to Play Commissioner Gordon in The Batman  Joker biggest R-rated $$  Comics Marvel X-Men/F4 xover 2/2020 Spider-Man Noir new 5 issue series coming 2020  Alex Ross Marvel Limited Series DC  Joe Hill's 'Basket full of heads' released this week, getting good reviews and is the first of many Hill House Comics  BOP moved to January  WW 750 60 yr celebration Indie Hollowed and Matthew Kund Comic ‘The Reset’ COMMERCIAL  Netflix survey about prices and content  TV ‘The 100’ Prequel Nancy drew gets full season order  Dracula teaser Game of Thrones prequel dead. Long live House of the Dragon. PS Vue to shut down 1/31/20 Warren Ellis and Castlevania team on Heaven’s Forest Movies ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Reboot on the Way from ‘Chernobyl’ Writer New Grudge with John Cho Code 8 Gaming Borderlands DLC "Takedown at Maliwan" SW Benioff & Weiss exit Obi Wan was originally planned to be a movie, Ewan has known for years.  Mandalorian new trailer COUNTDOWN! 49 days ROS, 12 days Mandalorian, 15 days Jedi Fallen Order POP Storm Collectibles Golden Ax figure - $120 Sideshow black widow statue - $420 NECA Creepshow The Creep 7" clothed  Mezco one:12 px Harley Quinn  Closing We’re now available on RadioPublic, a fantastic service that’s going offer our listeners ...


Episode 147

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Episode 147 - The Towelite Hood Gang

One night while hanging out down at Mel's cafe, Chris and Casey were bored so they signed up with this heist gang. All you had to do was wear these red hoods, rob some banks and whatnot. Fortunately before their boss fell into a vat of acid, they were able to record this podcast you are about to enjoy. Will they escape the long arm of the law and the hammers of justice of the Bat? Find out next week, same Towelite time, same Towelite channel! Intro Marvel TV & Movies Disney and SONY reach agreement on Spider-Man 3 Due in theaters 2021 Thanks Tom Holland Disney 25% for 25% William Hurt joins Black Widow Marvel & HULU not moving forward with Ghost Rider SONY Madam Web movie being optioned - Morbius' writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless. DC TV & Movies Ruby Rose injury Arrow Spinoff "Canaries" being optioned  Crisis on Infinite Earths First look at Brandon Routh Kingdom Come Superman & more Ashley Scott to play Huntress from BOP Osric Chau cast as Ryan Choi/The Atom Audrey Marie Anderson (Lyla) will play Harbinger  BOP trailer and NYCC Joker out this weekend Comics BOOM! - MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS/TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #1 - 12/04 - Writer: Ryan Parrott - Artist: Simone di Meo Marvel -  Developing comics with Games Workshop for Warhammer comics New ADIDAS shoes Image Spawn #301 Alex Ross cover DC The Last God joins Black Label Imprint. Fantasy story from Phillip Kenney Johnson   COMMERCIAL  TV HBO Max  DC Comics’ Civil War Drama ‘DMZ’ Gets Pilot at HBO Max – Ava DuVernay to Direct INvisible Monsters coming from Outlander and Legion scribe Jennifer Yale Stranger Things S4 in December 2020 Movies Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum and Sam Neill to return for 'major roles' in 'Jurassic World 3' 6 Underground trailer goes full Bayhem Gaming Darth Vader’s ‘Immortal’ saga continues on Oculus headsets PS Now $9.99 Borderlands ...


Episode 205

August 09, 2021 01:07:13
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205- The Towelite Squad

Casey and Chris were recruited by this very mean, black ops lady who said she could get them out of prison faster if they went on a mission for her. Weird thing was they weren't even in prison but "what the hell" they said, "we've got nothing else to do besides record this podcast."    INTRO GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - Movies, TV & GamesHawkeye 11/24Marvels Avengers Black Panther DLC Aug 17 DC - Movies, TV & GamesBlack Adam to feature new film making techBlue Beetle finds its Jamie ReyesBatman: The Audio Adventures HBO Max exclusivityAyer quadroopels down on SSDCThe Suicide Squad spoilerless thoughts - box office - biggest pandemic Thur SW - Movies, TV & GamesLEGO Terrifying TalesGalactic Star CruiserHunters bumped to 2022Bad Batch s2 COMMERCIAL ComicsDC - Jock BatmanMethod Man Comic NFT Crowd$ourceryML WotA Kickstarter Fields of Eternia on Gamefound BooksBuffy Sequel TVWednesday series picks up Luis Guzzman as GomezSweet tooth s2WaterworldAHS Double FeatureAmazon LOTR Sept 2 2022Cobra Kai S4 DecFirst look Stranger Things S4 - hits in 2022Y The Last Man trailer MoviesColin and Casey Jost to pen TMNTMajor South Park deal with movies and through season 30 COMMERCIAL GamingSealed Super Mario Bros NES sells for 2mil POPWhat If -ML wave & Hydra Stomper, Hot Toys & moreS7 Transformers W2LEGO HP IconsGi Joe Furai Models SE & BikeStorm Collectibles MK movieBlitzway VoltronHT Mando Luke and GroguMcFarlane Toys dot com CLOSING Check out all the great shows on the DFAT Entertainment Podcast Network! ...