Episode 175 - Towelite PD

Episode 175 July 16, 2020 NaN
Episode 175 - Towelite PD
Towelite Talk
Episode 175 - Towelite PD

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Episode 170 - Best Animated Shows

Casey gathered up his old chums from Those Geeks You Know, Lauren Bob and Dave, and they chatted about their favorite Animated Shows of all-time. Will it be on of the many comic book Fox interpretations, maybe it's Rugrats, is it Fat Albert!? Find out on this edition of Towelite Talk! Listen to us on Google Podcasts! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...


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214 - I'm a Towelite Kid!

Casey and Chris drove until the sun sat low on the horizon. In the distance they could make out the shape of a large building, but was it what they were seeking? They didn't want to grow up. They are the Towelite Kids. Enjoy and check out the other great shows on the DFAT ENTERTAINMENT podcast network! If you or someone you know is a fan of any of our podcasts show them some support with some apparel from White Imprints!   INTRO GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - Movies, TV & Games Shang Chi 2 & Cretton D+ series Eternals hits Disney + on Jan 12th. Feige confirms CCox as DD Spider-Man sequel was going to feature Kraven Across the Spider Verse PART ONE trailer   Venom 3 Michael Giachinno on Thor 4 DC - Movies, TV & Games  Metal Men DC reportedly testing two versions of the Batman HBO Max Penguin series official BTAS audio drama  WW game and SS gameplay SW - Movies, TV & Games Acolyte casting - Amanda Sternberg  Eclipse trailer Jenkins back on RS Hunters gameplay  COMMERCIAL  Comics 30 years of Spider-Man 2099  Captain Carter  Batman Shadow War  Naomi S2 Dredd Xover  Crowd$ourcery ...


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Episode 156 - Comic Book Stuff of 2020

Dave from Those Geeks You Know joins Casey on the podcast today to chat about all the Comic Book Stuff of 2020. Just what STUFF are they referring to? Well, comics movies video games and tv series. Everything but actual comics! Listen and enjoy! Intro Marvel TV & Movies Movies New Mutants - April Black Widow - May Morbius - July Venom 2 - October The Eternals - November Disney + WandaVision Winter Soldier and Falcon What If Hulu Helstrom DC TV & Movies  Movies Birds of Prey - Feb WW84 - June Superman Red Son - Feb TV Flash Arrow Legends Stargirl Doom Patrol S2  Titans S3 Riverdale Black Lightning Deathstroke Knights and Dragons - Today COMMERCIAL  TV Sabrina Katy Keene - Feb Locke and Key - Feb The Boys S2 Snowpiercer Boondocks - Fall Other Comic Company Movies Valiant Bloodshot - March 13 Gaming Marvel Avengers  Future thoughts Millar stuff Rumor to get Namor and Hulk rights X-men and FF Closing If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...