Episode 165 - Towelite Rescheduled

Episode 165 April 07, 2020 NaN
Episode 165 - Towelite Rescheduled
Towelite Talk
Episode 165 - Towelite Rescheduled

Show Notes

Chris and Casey got on the mic today to talk about all the geeky stuff happening in the galaxy. Despite almost everything you know getting delayed due to COVID, there's still a lot going on out there to be excited about. From Stargirls, to Bayhem, Star Wars, and much more. Take a listen to the newest episode and indulge yourself!

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Episode 119: No More Mutants

Casey and Chris have finally went ULTRA and unlocked their mutant powers. Unfortunately, Scarlet Witch has taken it upon herself to rid the world if their kind. In a last ditch effort to save themselves AND humanity, they record the latest episode of Towelite Talk. Can mutantkind live to fight another day? Find out by listening!  Intro RIP Dick Miller Marvel Super bowl trailers for Avengers & Cap Marvel. Missing (edited) Avenger?! Michael B Jordan back for BP2? Cloak and Dagger S2 starts 4/4 ABC passes on “women led” Marvel show Wolverine to be recast for MCU. Duh. FOX Marvel is on official hold per L.S. Donner Legion season 3 will be final and Harry Lloyd cast as Prof X. DC The Batman: Ben Affleck out. 6/25/21 release James Gunn officially on SS2 with mostly new cast gets 8/6/21 release DC Super Pets 5/21/21 Batman Beyond animated movie being developed? Will Friedle wants in! Kevin Smith gives details on Snyder unfinished DCEU The CW renews all DCTV Stargirl casts Jake Austin Walker (unknown) and Meg DeLacy (Cindy Burman/Shiv) DCU adding Batman TAS 3&4, The Batman and Doom Patrol in FEB, season 1 of Krypton this spring. Justice League vs Fatal Five trailer Commercial EE TV Netflix Zack Snyder ‘Army of the Dead’ zombie heist film CBS All Access orders The Stand to series The Twilight Zone coming 4/1 with two episodes. Series begins officially 4/11. Amazon Invincible animated series casts Mark Hamill, Steven Yeun, Seth Rogen, J.K. Simmons, Zazie Beetz, Sandra Oh and more! Release 2020 Hanna episode 1 advance preview Other TV CBS orders Frankenstein Detective show… FX order Y:The Last Man to series and renames it ‘Y’. 2020 Movies Dune: Javier Bardem cast as Fremen Leader Stigar Escape from NY reboot: Leigh Whannell to reimagine/write & possibly direct. Scary Stories to Read in the Dark trailers August 9th Netflix TMNT Gaming DR Mario World Mobile early summer ...


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Episode 183 - The Towelite Family

They're geeky, they're kooky, and all together Spooky. They're the Towelite Family and they're here to give you all the geekstastic news of the week! Chris and Casey will take you on an adventure of epic proportions, take a listen below! Intro GEEKIN' out  Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Xochitl Gomez Cast In of Doctor Strange 2 Lena Headey and Luke Wilson cast in Next Gen Oscar Issac Moonknight? Spider-Man 3 started filming  DC - TV, Movies & Games  MBJ to produce Static Shock movie  Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello join Snydercut Guggenheim will write GL for HBOMax, departs Arrowverse Stargirl Nick Tarabay (Cap Boomerang) cast as Eclipso Jonathan Cake as the Shade Red Hood reveal  SW - TV, Movies & Games High Republic Padawans Mandalorian xbox controller Mando Friday!!!!! Comics DC Red X Future Slate Marvel Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon written by Larry Hama and art David Wachter Six issue miniseries COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Bullets and Bandanas  Spies of Salem KS TV Tim Burton LA Addams Family Saved by the Bell trailer Netflix announces Assassin’s Creed Live Action show Willow coming to D+ with Warwick Davis and Jon M Chu directing pilot Jonathan Entwistle will be helming a movie and tv continuation of power rangers connected verse SYFY Day of the Dead gets director Steven Kostanski Castings Quibi is dead Movies Rescue rangers LA in works for Disney Plus Jamie Foxx in Day Shift Netflix vampire movie First look at Uncharted movie with Nathan Drake and Sully   Filming done  Battlestar Galactica movie from Kinberg No Time to Die being shopped around to streaming services 600mil V for Vendetta back in theatres on 10/30 Filmmaker Conversation About the Dystopia Adaptation Gaming Unboxing videos of PS5 released Cyberpunk delayed DEC Ghostrunner POP LEGO Ideas Sesame Street set NOV 1 McFarlane Princess Bride Airbender  Bane & Injustice E2 Bats Target sold out.  Nightwing v Red Hood 2 pack preorder sold out (wide?) Mezco  Static 6 Doctor Fate Leatherface preorder tomorrow  Mondo Creature from BL 1/6 Hot Toys ...


Episode 111

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Episode #111 - Thank You, Stan Lee

Chris and Casey are back from the Thanksgiving break and filled with gravy and geeky goodness. They pay their respects to Stan 'The Man' Lee and talk it up about some pop culture news!  Show notes: Marvel Stan Lee passing Venom continues to make $$, passes WW Spider-Man into Spiderverse free for PS+ Rumor Avengers 4 trailer Wednesday. Title reveal? DC Early Aquaman reviews extremely positive; Amazon Prime early screening David Ayer opens up about original SS villains. Snyder shares look at Darkseid. Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn) ElseWorlds xover starts a week from this Sunday. New trailer YJ:Outsiders official trailer Valiant Justin Tipping to direct Harbinger Commercial EE Comics Mark Millar - Sharkey the bounty hunter TV Neon Genesis Evangelion coming to Netflix Ultraman on netflix Roald Dahl ‘story universe’ classics being adapted by Netflix Final beer in Brewery Ommegang’s GOT Royal Reserve series is “King of the North” barrel aged imperial stout. GOT Whiskeys by Royal Lochnagar Movies Lion King Amy Sedaris added as new characted Keanu Reeves in toy story 4 Bestbuddi.com Leprechaun Returns Gaming Batman Arkham Collection releases 11/27 Obi Wan (CW) & Geonosis map coming to BF2 this week 11/28 Red Dead Online Beta starts today SW YOUNG Luke ...