Episode 158 - And the Towelite Goes To...

Episode 158 February 13, 2020 NaN
Episode 158 - And the Towelite Goes To...
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Episode 158 - And the Towelite Goes To...

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"GOD these awards shows are horrible" Chris thought to himself as he gulped down his martini. Casey and he had decided to accept the invitation but soon regretted it. So they decided to sneak out and record this podcast but first to pocket some of that shrimp cocktail....


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July 11, 2017 NaN
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Morning Cup 'O Joe

Chris and Casey had to get on the mic to drop some geeky science on ya'll and boy was this a good episode. Lot's of Marvel, Netflix, and Spider-Man news to share with all you lovely Towelites so take a listen and enjoy! Show Notes: Everything Else RIP Joan Lee Castlevania netflix premiere. S2 ordered 2x the episodes Frank Miller to release Xeres prequel for Dark Horse in 2018 The umbrella academy pilot being shopped at netflix Thief of thieves videogame coming Mile High comics pulls out of SDCC   Star Wars Forces of Destiny premiere Dave Filoni tweets out Ashoka exchange with Bendu http://comicbook.com/starwars/2017/07/09/star-wars-rebels-ahsoka-tano-dead-or-alive-dave-filoni-bendu/ Look at Woody Harrelson’s ‘Beckett’ and Alden Erehnrich on Han Solo set. http://www.tmz.com/2017/07/09/star-wars-han-solo-movie-new-set-photos-woody-harrelson Commercial DC Gotham by Gaslight animated Batman and Harley comic series coming this fall Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight Deathstroke moved to Arrow season regular. Return of another S1 character Marvel Nightshade Gabrielle Dennis and Bushmaster Mustafa Shakir cast in Luke Cage Season 2 New Mutants starts filming tomorrow InHumans trailer in IMAX All the Marvel Legacy http://comicbook.com/comics/2017/07/08/marvel-legacy-creative-teams/#1 Spiderman homecoming Biggest solo MCU character reveal thoughts Working on the site and logo redesign Be sure to check out our other great podcasts: Gourmet Scum Radio, and the Pursuit of Plastic. Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or  Stitcher and rate and review us! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. We also have a donation page HERE where any support you can give us goes right back into the ...


Episode 140

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Episode 140 - SDCC 2019 Roundup!

Welcome to the next phase of DFAT! We are entering the 7th year of the website and the new season of Towelite Talk! SDCC took place last week and Chris and Casey finally had the opportunity to geek out and talk about their highlights from the big show. Take a listen and keep it tuned to DFAT for some exciting new things coming soon! ...



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I've Got a Good Feeling About This

Chris and Casey have been on a little hiatus but this week they're back to drop some geekly knowledge. Solo, Black Panther, InHumans and more on this episode of the podcast! Show Notes: Marvel BP passes titanic Blu-ray details announced Luke Cage showrunner expresses interest in HFH Infinity War tracking for $200m opening DC Christina Hodson (Bumblebee) to write Batgirl Nicholas Cage wants to be the Joker Doomsday Clock and Metal sit on top of the March sales chart. https://www.cbr.com/march-2018-comic-book-sales-charts/2/ DC Nation reaches 1 mil preorders (@ 25 cents) AC 1000 is at 500k (as of Sunday) Catwoman ongoing YJ S3 has finished recording Y: The Last Man pilot coming to FX Colton Haynes Arrow S7 regular Supergirl S3 ends on June 15th Commercial EE Karl Urban joins The Boys as Billy Butcher LOTR show to cost a billion $$?! A new The Lord the Rings book The Fall of Gondolin, edited by J.R.R. Tolkien’s son Christopher Tolkien, will be released later this year. GTAV has made more money than any movie, book, or game ever. $6 billion Michael Ironside is back as Sam ...