205- The Towelite Squad

Episode 205 August 09, 2021 01:07:13
205- The Towelite Squad
Towelite Talk
205- The Towelite Squad

Show Notes

Casey and Chris were recruited by this very mean, black ops lady who said she could get them out of prison faster if they went on a mission for her. Weird thing was they weren't even in prison but "what the hell" they said, "we've got nothing else to do besides record this podcast." 




Marvel - Movies, TV & Games
Hawkeye 11/24
Marvels Avengers Black Panther DLC Aug 17

DC - Movies, TV & Games
Black Adam to feature new film making tech
Blue Beetle finds its Jamie Reyes
Batman: The Audio Adventures HBO Max exclusivity
Ayer quadroopels down on SSDC
The Suicide Squad spoilerless thoughts - box office - biggest pandemic Thur

SW - Movies, TV & Games
LEGO Terrifying Tales
Galactic Star Cruiser
Hunters bumped to 2022
Bad Batch s2


DC - Jock Batman
Method Man Comic NFT

ML WotA Kickstarter 
Fields of Eternia on Gamefound

Buffy Sequel

Wednesday series picks up Luis Guzzman as Gomez
Sweet tooth s2
AHS Double Feature
Amazon LOTR Sept 2 2022
Cobra Kai S4 Dec
First look Stranger Things S4 - hits in 2022
Y The Last Man trailer

Colin and Casey Jost to pen TMNT
Major South Park deal with movies and through season 30


Sealed Super Mario Bros NES sells for 2mil

What If -ML wave & Hydra Stomper, Hot Toys & more
S7 Transformers W2
Gi Joe Furai Models SE & Bike
Storm Collectibles MK movie
Blitzway Voltron
HT Mando Luke and Grogu
McFarlane Toys dot com


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