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February 03, 2021 00:48:40
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190 - The Towelite Years

Casey was about to leave for prom with Winnie when Chris suddenly burst through his front door and reminded him that they MUST record the very podcast you are listening to now!  INTRO  RIP Dustin Diamond GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Black Panther D+ Ryan Coogler, World of Wakanda  She-Hulk Ginger Gonzaga DC - TV, Movies & Games  Snyder Cut 3/18 Titans  Jay Lycurgo is Tim Drake Joker? DC Showcase 4 new shorts Batman: The Audio Adventures Jeffrey Wright as Batman SW - TV, Movies & Games Rumor KOTOR port Droid stamps Battlefront(s) OST Liam Neeson joins Kenobi? Book of Boba to feature "fan favorite Bounty Hunters" Comics AWA - Moths Titan Comics Blade Runner Origins Image Return of SAGA Marvel Heroes Reborn DC Batman and Robin and Howard OGN Dark Knights: Death Metal band editions   COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery The Illusion Witch KS TV Wonder Years reboot Witcher prequel casts lead  Sonic Prime animated  Harry Potter HBOMax show Netflix Vikings Valhalla character castings  Tomb Raider & Skull Island animes Sandman castings  Movies Harry Potter Godzilla vs Kong trailer. Hits HBO Max & theaters 3/26 Spy kids reboot  Gaming MH Rise Switch  Monster Hunter Board Game KS Steamforged April PSVR Patent  Tomb Raider 25th POP NECA universal monsters Super 7  TC Thundertank 27" " 17" $450 Feb 2nd? Silverhawks? Constantine Mezco CLOSING Listen to us wherever you find podcasts! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...



January 25, 2021 01:41:52
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189 - Gutsy Towelites

The Creators of Towelite Talk and Gutsy Media Podcast team up for a crossover podcast event like none other! Listen to the pop culture geekfest of 2021 and enjoy! "GUTSY TOWELITES" INTRO Welcome Bob Gutzmer from Gutsy Media Podcast  Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Deadpool 3 R-rating  Moon Knight Ethan Hawke  May Calamawy  Thoughts on WandaVision  DC - TV, Movies & Games  Snyder Cut Martian Manhunter - harry lennix confirms A movie once again Titans - Savannah Welch is Barbara Gordon  Black Mask coming to Batwoman s2 Arrowverse Xover cxl  BTAS sequel in the works  SW - TV, Movies & Games No K-2SO (for now) in Andor S1 Ubisoft SW Game HR character intros  Skywalker: Family at War book Comics Image More The Old Guard The Silver Coin horror anthology Marvel Spider-Man: Spiders Shadow (what if?) Venom 200  DC New series The Next Batman: Second Son digital first, Ridley & Nguyen 4/6 Batman: The Dark Knight mini series 4/13 Robin (Damian) ongoing 4/27 DCU Infinite OUT NOW. To include Vertigo and BL. COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Mythic Legions: War of the Aetherblade campaign TV Paramount+ 3/4 Jon M Chu departs Willow The Muppet Show D+ 2/19 Saved by the Bell S2 greenlit  Movies Brendan Fraser joins The Whale  First look Mortal Kombat and Synopsis Willy Wonka origin movie for WB Gaming Bethesda Indiana Jones New Mario themed switch Resident Evil Showcase 'Village' out 5/7. Preorder now. PS4 - PS5 upgrade. Stand alone demo out now POP Prime 1 - ⅓ scale Grim Knight  McFarlane Batman Beyond wave Super 7 Conan LEGO Ideas Medieval Blacksmith QmX Qfig  Jack Burton Darkwing Duck EXO-6 Star Trek license Hot Toys Darktrooper CLOSING Listen to us on Google Podcasts! If ...



January 11, 2021 NaN
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Episode 188 - We Can Be Towelites

Nothing like being a superhero! Casey and Chris had just got done recording this podcast when the greater good called. Luckily they have time to save the world between episodes! Take a listen to the season premiere and get ready for what 2021 has in store Towelites! Intro Geekin' Out  Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Marvel Legends  WandaVision expanded to 9 episodes 2 episode premiere Loki S2 greenlit Moon Knight directors   DC - TV, Movies & Games  The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker rated R per Gunn Movie slate rumblings, theater & HBO Is Michael Keaton the new Nick Fury? The Batman of Earth 1?  GA & Canaries cxl Aliyah O’Brien cast in LOT  JSA WW2 animated movie voice castings Batman: Soul of the Dragon on digital 1/12 Omniverse - The return of the Multiverse SW - TV, Movies & Games RDJ rumors Thomas Kinkade Mando collection Michael Waldron to write Feige movie High Republic launch /Panel announcements Comics Dark Horse  Avatar sequel comic COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery The Illusion Witch KS TV Clancy Brown joins Dexter Movies We Can Be Heroes sequel greenlit The Reckoning trailer Neil Marshall  First look Army of the Dead Gaming Dark Crystal TT RPG Next Gen AC rumored for next year Scott Pilgrim physical release 1/15 POP MOTU Origins (Pre-order on our affiliate site Entertainment Earth) Mezco One:12 day Prime 1 Studios Hush Nightwing Closing Listen to us on Google Podcasts! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...



December 15, 2020 NaN
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Episode 187 - Towelite+ & Best of 2020

It's the end of a VERY long year and Chris and Casey wanted to celebrate some of the good geekly things that happened in 2020. They had antipated a nice, breezy, episode...and then Disney did their investors day. So, instead it's a lot of news and then a lot to be thankful for. As always, we hope you enjoy and appreciate all of your support this year and before this year and for years to come! Intro Marvel - TV, Movies & Games SW - TV, Movies & Games 10 Shows Patty Jenkins Rogue Squadron Comics DC Future State Next Batman Marvel Rebirth? Alien series Atomahawk TV Invincible castings  GOT Prequel ‘House of the Dragon’ Adds Matt Smith, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy Cobra Kai / KK 2 Alien Anthology Hulu Zorro  Movies More Kingsman Gaming Scott Pilgrim vs the World game returns Jan 14th POP Mezco One:12 Predator Lanard Predator walmart Three zero storm shadow COMMERCIAL BEST OF 2020 Closing Listen to us on Google Podcasts! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. Interested in joining our crew? Email [email protected] Thanks for listening and Don’t Forget a Towel! ...



December 07, 2020 NaN
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Episode 186 - Metal Gear Towelite

Casey and Chris made their way in to the R&D facility. The were JUST about to complete their mission but realized that they hadn't recorded a podcast lately! So they found a cardboard box, hunkered down and delivered the epic episode you're about to bless your ears with! Intro RIP David Prowse & Hugh Keays-Byrne Geekin' Out WB HBOMax announcement Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Ms Marvel  Matt Lintz cast Eternals Thanos connection Hawkeye Filming begins Castings Daredevil rights came back DC - TV, Movies & Games  Snyder Cut "in a couple months" Plastic Woman  Ava DuVernay Naomi CW DC's Legends of Tomorrow  casts Nic Bishop David Ramsey will return as Diggle across 5 Arrowverse episodes and has been cast in an unknown role on LOT. Will also direct 5 Arrowverse episodes. Genndy Tartakovsky Superman looks (unmade) Gotham Knights to be fully open world SW - TV, Movies & Games Boba Fett  Mando Ch 14 miniseries details  Castings?     Cassian filming underway Obi Wan starting soon in Boston? High Republic animated? Darth Vader Statue in Bristol to Honor David Prowse Comics Marvel  Rise of Skywalker comic cxl DC ...



November 23, 2020 NaN
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Episode 185 - Towelite Lightning

Chris and Casey recently found out that nefarious baddies were poisoning the water supply in their old stomping grounds. They poison is a mixture of fear toxin and the Mutant M gene. What does that mean for the villagers? Well, we have a lot of unstable people exhibiting powers and its up to them to handle the situation. Things are getting hairy on this episode of Towelite Talk! Intro Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Deadpool 3 gets writers The Molyneux Sisters Will BW go to On Demand? Word still IS NO.  Black panther 2 starts filming in July  Marvel 616 doc series out now  Kate Bishop Avengers game dlc 12/8 Marvel Wastelanders Podcast   DC - TV, Movies & Games  WW84 12/25 in theaters and HBOMax JL Snyder Cut  New teaser Adding ~150 min unseen footage Joker was not in OG Snyder Justice league. New look teased New Deathstroke look Stallone in The Suicide Squad Black Lightning cancelled after S4 Stargirl -Alkoya Brunson cast as Jakeem Thunder Wonder Girl show being developed by Berlanti for CW - NEW CHARACTER Yara Flor from upcoming Future Slate. DCU Originals moving from service in December Jim Lee ‘Hush’ Batman Statue in Burbank SW - TV, Movies & Games Disney unveils Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Alan Dean Foster controversy ...

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