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Two best friends since childhood talking the latest news from the pop culture world. Collectibles, video games, TV, movies, comics and more! You can find out more by visiting our website for all things Geekly. DFAT Entertainment was created by Casey Bowker and Chris Walk. Title music credits

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Latest Episodes…

  1. The Last Solo

    Live from Towelite Studios in sunny Nyack New York, it's Towelite Talk!! Chris and Casey had a chance to be in the same room together and record an episode of Towelite Talk! This time around the Geekly duo laid down the law when it came to all of the Han ...


  2. Lasso of Truth

    What a geeky week we've all had eh? Wonder Woman premiered, the Dark Universe got a little bigger, and we got a little more in-depth into the Young Adventures of Han Solo Solo Film? Listen to us geek out about it all below! Show Notes DC ...


  3. Don't Forget a Podcast

    Sorry it's been a Month since the last episode. We forgot we had our own podcast and we suck; but we're back and geeking out harder than ever before! Take a listen and enjoy! Site Notes Marvel Tom Hardy Venom ...


  4. Celebrate Star Wars with Towelite Talk

    Casey and Chris had to catch up on a ton of Geekly news along with share their thoughts about Star Wars Celebration: Day One. Listen to the highs, the lows, the tears, and the adrenaline rushes of all the news from the pop culture world and beyond! Show Notes  Marvel ...


  5. April Fools, FOOL!

    Chris and Casey were hit with a deluge of news this week and they did the only thing that came natural to them, got on a podcast and got geekly about it. Take a listen to the podcast that begs you to ask the question: Does you smell what the ...