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September 18, 2020 NaN
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Episode 180 - ToweliteVision

Casey and Chris JUST returned from an intergalactic Toy Hunting adventure to find themselves needing to record a podcast. Luckily while they were gone a lot of Geekly things happened so take a listen!! Intro GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Jonathan Majors cast in Ant Man Marvel's She-Hulk  sets Kat Coiro As Series Director Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk/Jennifer Walters Batroc returns in Falcon & WS WandaVision confirmed for 2020 Olivia Wilde Set to Direct (& produce) Spider-Woman Film DC - TV, Movies & Games  Doom Patrol S3 headed to HBO Max The Batman has started production again Word has it that Henry Cavill has signed on, "again", for future Superman roles. We shall see.  SW - TV, Movies & Games Mandalorian S2 trailer Hunted - Squadrons short  Tales from Galaxy's Edge teaser  Comics DC BATMAN B&W returns in Dec Generations: Shattered #1, an 80-page one-shot priced at $9.99. Jan. Batman Day 9/21  COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Pursuit of Plastic from DFAT Comics (Hey that's us!) TV Walking Dead to end with S11 spin-offs' future unclear Animaniacs teaser. On HULU 11/20. Paramount+ - absorbing cbs aa Raised by Wolves s2  Song Exploder Movies DUNE trailer  Gaming Final Fantasy 16 Borderlands Bunkers & ...



September 10, 2020 NaN
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Episode 179 - Towelite Series X

Chris and Casey have been gaming since they were wee lads and had to actually go to an arcade to get their game on! Now, the future has arrived and the Console Wars have taken their toll on the world and only the strongest will survive! Good thing that the boys had a chance to record this podcast before everything went to hell!  Intro Chadwick Boseman RIP GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Silk series w Lord & Miller prod  Kate Bishop joins Marvel's Avengers video game DC - TV, Movies & Games  The Batman  delayed due to Pattinson having Covid BARRY KEOGHAN JOINS ‘THE BATMAN’ CAST Waze app now has Kevin Conroy Batman voice  Fandome: Explore the Multiverse this weekend 9/12 SW - TV, Movies & Games Yoda HR preview  Mando returns 10/30 First images today LEGO Skywalker Saga delayed until Spring 2021 DLC revealed 'Journey to Battu' coming to the Sims 4 Comics DC Tim Drake is Robin.. again Endless Winter Dark Horse Neil Gaiman Norse Mythology coming Oct COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery BZRKR TV The Stand to premiere in Dec on CBS AA Primal returns with 5 new episodes 10/4 Altered Carbon cancelled Resident Evil plot details revealed Michael Crichton's Sphere being optioned at HBO Animated X-Files  Sony is marketing The ...



August 26, 2020 NaN
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Episode 178 - Towelitedome

TWO MEN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVES! Wait... that's something totally different. Chris and Casey had their Geekly minds blown by the DC Fandome over the past weekend! So take a listen and find out what's new and exciting in the world of geek pop culture!  Intro What we geeking out on?  DC - TV, Movies & Games  Fandome run-down The Batman The Suicide Squad The FLASH Batfleck Returns! WW84  Cheetah in action Black Adam Titans S3 Gotham Video Games SS kill the JL Gotham Knights Milestone Comics Static Shock DCU Originals officially headed to HBO Max. There is a "plan" for the digital comics library and more according to Jim Lee.  Batman: Soul of the Dragon animated voice cast revealed Long Halloween animated movie to be 2 parts  SW - TV, Movies & Games LEGO SW Holiday Special coming Nov 17 on D+ Alphabet Squadron book 3 'Victory's Price' due out March 2 Obi Wan to start shooting in September? Limited series. Comics IDW TMNT Jennika 2 coming in Nov Seven of Nine miniseries in Nov Marvel In April 2021, marvel will release Alien Omnibus COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery NOCTURNAL - Scott Snyder & Tony Daniel KS TV Jensen Ackles joins The Boys S3 as Soldier Boy ...



August 13, 2020 NaN
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Episode 177 - Towelites of the Universe

Fabulous secret powers were revealed to Chris and Casey the minute they started recording this podcast! So they held aloft their magic swords and said "BY THE POWER OF TOWELITE! WE HAVE THE POWER!!" The rest is history. EPISODE 177 : TOWELITES OF THE UNIVERSE Intro Geekin' Out! Events: NYCC cxl - moving online Marvel - Movies, TV & Games: Black widow to Disney Plus in Nov? Not according to Bob Chapek Rumor - MCU eyeing Joel Kinnaman as Kraven? Spider-Man PS4 exclusive in Marvels Avengers BETA thoughts DC - Movies, TV & Games: Layoff 'Bloodbath' DC Fandome guest list revealed Toonami Batman block Batwoman to cast 'The Whisper' Suicide squad rocksteady games Injustice 3 Watchmen Boss Logic teases... SW - Movies, TV & Games: Vader Immortal PSVR 8/25p THE CLONE WARS – STORIES OF LIGHT AND DARK AUDIOBOOK CAST REVEALED Cassian show casts Adria Arjona  Comics DC Dark Multiverse tales continue this NOV BOOM! Tom Taylor's Seven Secrets #1 sets IP records for publisher. Sturgill Simpson 'Sound and Fury' GN coming 11/17. Jason Aaron (W), Takashi Okazaki (A) & more attached.  Hero Initiative classes COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Where is my body Ultimate werewolf extreme TV Ren and Stimpy reimagined for comedy central  NEW Animaniacs series coming to HULU Nov 20 Shawn R. Ashmore ...



August 03, 2020 NaN
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Episode 176 - Towelite Yojimbo

Casey and Chris are BACK after a long rest at the Mos Barka Cantina. There was a lot of geeky news to drop and we even had our 8 year anniversary here at DFAT! Thanks to everyone for their support through the almost-decade and we can't wait to keep it going for years to come! Intro 8 Years of DFAT Geeking Out? ALL THE SWRPG. EVENTS Comic Con @ Home is meh Gen Con Marvel TV & Movies Haley Steinfeld as Kate Bishop? Rumor - Marvel Studios developing Illuminati movie based on the Bendis comic Helstrom hits Hulu on 10/16 DC TV & Movies  DC Universe drops yearly sub plan Batman Death in the Family interactive movie SW OBI WAN Hayden signing on? REPORT Casting call: in search of both a male and female actor in the age range of 8-11 to play a pair of "precocious" twins. Maul is rumored for MULTIPLE D+ shows. Ray Park-less? Solo on D+? Ron Howard confirms no plans for movie sequel… Galaxy's Edge to celebrate Life Day? Karl Urban was a stormtrooper in ROS Comics DC Rorschach DC Black Label Series from Tom King & Jorge Fornés Tom Taylor teases more Injustice? JSA? White Knight Harley Quinn - October American Vampire 1976 this October Scott Snyder to step out of main line in 2021 UCP Graphic NBC Universal Boom! and Grant Morrison team  BOOM! BRZRKR - Keanu, Kindt, Vitti  DFAT Comics Hollowed 2  POP COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery The Myst Documentary Paradox Wars: Shattered Time #1  TV Netflix Usagi Yojimbo animated series Dragon’s Dogma anime  The Witcher: Blood Origin  Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous  Splinter Cell tv series from John wick writer Chucky 2021 USA & SyFy Invincible voice cast for animated series  Paper girls series to amazon Star Trek Discovery S3 10/15 Movies Jon Hamm in Fletch reboot Courtney Cox returning to Scream Project Power trailer  Netflix is throwing upwards of 200 mil at The Gray Man  AMC and universal strike VOD deal Gaming GI Joe Operation Blackout ...



July 16, 2020 NaN
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Episode 175 - Towelite PD

Intro GEEKIN OUT! ANNOUNCEMENTS DragonCon cxl (Atlanta) Comic Con at home schedule released    Marvel TV & Movies Black Widow - Scar-Jo to pass torch to Florence Pugh? Director Cate Shortland thinks so.   First look at Helstrom DC TV & Movies -cb Gotham PD TV show ordered from Matt Reeves for HBO Max Reeves has signed an overall deal with WBTV Ben Affleck has signed contract for Snyder Cut reshoots  Constantine movie rumored w/ JJ producing.  Tie into JLD show? Keanu rumors  ‘Batwoman’ Casts Javicia Leslie as New Series Lead DP S2 was originally 10 episodes Stargirl S2 confirmed ONLY ON CW SW Bad Batch series officially announced for 2021 Plug SW ESB 40th podcast   Comics Marvel King in Black event  Titan First look at HZD comic Dark Horse  AC Valhalla: Song of Glory #1 (of 3) this October  IDW Snake Eyes - Deadgame #1 out 7/15 COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Deathground- a dinosaur survivor game  Sean Murphy "Plot holes" ends in less than 8hrs Books Audio book- The Hobbit read by Andy Serkis  Ready player two due out in November TV  Sabrina cancelled  Part 5 would have crossed over with Riverdale Little Monsters from Universal and Josh Cooley The Boys  New trailer for S2 released ...

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