The Blackhawks Fly Again

April 19, 2018 NaN
The Blackhawks Fly Again
Towelite Talk
The Blackhawks Fly Again

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 Casey and Chris go geek-deep in the latest episode of the podcast. They laugh, they cry, and do a lot of debating on the DCEU, MCU, and other acronyms relating to all things geekly!








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“Now it’s time for the Pursuit of Plastic!”



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Episode 121 - The Towelite Academy

We don't like to talk about it all that much, but Chris and Casey are actually adopted brothers. Their billionaire father was quite an eccentric and as they were born on the same day at the same time, their dad was led to assume they'd have mutant powers. Of course, he couldn't have been more correct. Hear their harrowing tales of adventure in the latest episode! Marvel Movies & TV   Black Widow working title “Blue Bayou”, Ned Benson hired for rewrite Brie Larson wants Ms. Marvel in sequel. Trolls attack movie on RT. Reviews are in saying its epic My personal favorite “oh, Thanos is f*cked. Gwyneth Paltrow officially done with MCU Punisher and JJ officially cancelled Lea Thompson joins Howard the Duck Spider-Verse digital next Tuesday   DC Movies & TV   Jared Leto Joker & Joker/Harley movie both off the slate Affleck confirms he’s out as Batman Armie Hammer says I am not Batman Nutter departs from Batwoman pilot Dougray Scott cast as her father Thoughts on Doom Patrol   Comics   Valiant Psi-Lords by Fred Van Lente (W) & Renato Guedes (A) DC Tom Taylor DCeased 5/1 ‘Year of the Villain’ year long event starts May Jimmy Olson: Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber ...



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Chris and Casey had to get on the mic to drop some geeky science on ya'll and boy was this a good episode. Lot's of Marvel, Netflix, and Spider-Man news to share with all you lovely Towelites so take a listen and enjoy! Show Notes: Everything Else RIP Joan Lee Castlevania netflix premiere. S2 ordered 2x the episodes Frank Miller to release Xeres prequel for Dark Horse in 2018 The umbrella academy pilot being shopped at netflix Thief of thieves videogame coming Mile High comics pulls out of SDCC   Star Wars Forces of Destiny premiere Dave Filoni tweets out Ashoka exchange with Bendu Look at Woody Harrelson’s ‘Beckett’ and Alden Erehnrich on Han Solo set. Commercial DC Gotham by Gaslight animated Batman and Harley comic series coming this fall Sean Gordon Murphy’s Batman: White Knight Deathstroke moved to Arrow season regular. Return of another S1 character Marvel Nightshade Gabrielle Dennis and Bushmaster Mustafa Shakir cast in Luke Cage Season 2 New Mutants starts filming tomorrow InHumans trailer in IMAX All the Marvel Legacy Spiderman homecoming Biggest solo MCU character reveal thoughts Working on the site and logo redesign Be sure to check out our other great podcasts: Gourmet Scum Radio, and the Pursuit of Plastic. Make sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or  Stitcher and rate and review us! If you wanna interact with us you can follow @dfatowel on Twitter and Instagram. We also have a donation page HERE where any support you can give us goes right back into the ...



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Star Wars Celebration Europe happened over the past weekend and Chris and Casey get on the mic to chat about it. The highs and the lowest of the lows. Take a listen as they express their geekly opinions about their most beloved of movie series! Show Notes: Rogue One Sizzle reel -multiple times… what else did they see? How they handled livestream Trailer EXCLUSIVE Vader revealNew troopers New ships, tank troopers, tanks! The beach Thoughts on film so far Little gunner character played by Warwick Rebels Ezra’s path… Speculation  Thrawn in show and book Ysalamiri - force dampening creatures Wedge as a tie fighter pilot and maybe Shara Bey? Darktroopers Mandalorians  Darksaber and Sabine  An end in sight? Commercial Video games Battlefront announcements: Death Star, R1 Viceral’s secret game (uncharted-esque) TOR - is it cannon? New expansion “Knights of the Eternal Throne” Galaxy of heroes: Tank Takedown raid & Greivous added. Beating them will lead to exclusive Game Mods. Toys Rey ...