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December 07, 2020 NaN
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Episode 186 - Metal Gear Towelite

Casey and Chris made their way in to the R&D facility. The were JUST about to complete their mission but realized that they hadn't recorded a podcast lately! So they found a cardboard box, hunkered down and delivered the epic episode you're about to bless your ears with! Intro RIP David Prowse & Hugh Keays-Byrne Geekin' Out WB HBOMax announcement Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Ms Marvel  Matt Lintz cast Eternals Thanos connection Hawkeye Filming begins Castings Daredevil rights came back DC - TV, Movies & Games  Snyder Cut "in a couple months" Plastic Woman  Ava DuVernay Naomi CW DC's Legends of Tomorrow  casts Nic Bishop David Ramsey will return as Diggle across 5 Arrowverse episodes and has been cast in an unknown role on LOT. Will also direct 5 Arrowverse episodes. Genndy Tartakovsky Superman looks (unmade) Gotham Knights to be fully open world SW - TV, Movies & Games Boba Fett  Mando Ch 14 miniseries details  Castings?     Cassian filming underway Obi Wan starting soon in Boston? High Republic animated? Darth Vader Statue in Bristol to Honor David Prowse Comics Marvel  Rise of Skywalker comic cxl DC ...



November 23, 2020 NaN
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Episode 185 - Towelite Lightning

Chris and Casey recently found out that nefarious baddies were poisoning the water supply in their old stomping grounds. They poison is a mixture of fear toxin and the Mutant M gene. What does that mean for the villagers? Well, we have a lot of unstable people exhibiting powers and its up to them to handle the situation. Things are getting hairy on this episode of Towelite Talk! Intro Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Deadpool 3 gets writers The Molyneux Sisters Will BW go to On Demand? Word still IS NO.  Black panther 2 starts filming in July  Marvel 616 doc series out now  Kate Bishop Avengers game dlc 12/8 Marvel Wastelanders Podcast   DC - TV, Movies & Games  WW84 12/25 in theaters and HBOMax JL Snyder Cut  New teaser Adding ~150 min unseen footage Joker was not in OG Snyder Justice league. New look teased New Deathstroke look Stallone in The Suicide Squad Black Lightning cancelled after S4 Stargirl -Alkoya Brunson cast as Jakeem Thunder Wonder Girl show being developed by Berlanti for CW - NEW CHARACTER Yara Flor from upcoming Future Slate. DCU Originals moving from service in December Jim Lee ‘Hush’ Batman Statue in Burbank SW - TV, Movies & Games Disney unveils Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser Alan Dean Foster controversy ...



November 16, 2020 NaN
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Episode 184 - Towelite the Horrible

Chris and Casey get back on the mics to drop some horrible geekly news for everyone! Watch out, things are gonna get thick! Intro GEEKIN' OUT Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Moon Knight  Mohaeed Diab to direct  WandaVision Jan 15th, 2021 Will lead right into Doc Strange 2 Thor Love & Thunder adds Chris Pratt's Starlord DC - TV, Movies & Games  Constantine 2 in the works  Peacemaker castings  Titans S3 to feature new Robin?  Stargirl S2 Rumor - Ysa Penarejo cast as Jade Jim Gaffigan as Thunderbolt Painkiller pilot ordered by CW  WW84 christmas Digital? SW - TV, Movies & Games Boba Fett mini series Leslye Headland's a Martial arts concentrated show? Been working on it for a year Comics Marvel Days of Future Past prequel COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery My time at sandrock TV HBOMax & CN New Tiny Toons  Genndy Tartakovsky "Unicorn: Warriors Eternal  HBO Max + Comedy Central  D&D LA Umbrella Academy greenlights S3 Hagar the Horrible TV show Darkwing Duck reboot  Movies Johnny Depp out of grindelwald sequel ...



October 29, 2020 NaN
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Episode 183 - The Towelite Family

They're geeky, they're kooky, and all together Spooky. They're the Towelite Family and they're here to give you all the geekstastic news of the week! Chris and Casey will take you on an adventure of epic proportions, take a listen below! Intro GEEKIN' out  Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Xochitl Gomez Cast In of Doctor Strange 2 Lena Headey and Luke Wilson cast in Next Gen Oscar Issac Moonknight? Spider-Man 3 started filming  DC - TV, Movies & Games  MBJ to produce Static Shock movie  Jared Leto and Joe Manganiello join Snydercut Guggenheim will write GL for HBOMax, departs Arrowverse Stargirl Nick Tarabay (Cap Boomerang) cast as Eclipso Jonathan Cake as the Shade Red Hood reveal  SW - TV, Movies & Games High Republic Padawans Mandalorian xbox controller Mando Friday!!!!! Comics DC Red X Future Slate Marvel Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon written by Larry Hama and art David Wachter Six issue miniseries COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Bullets and Bandanas  Spies of Salem KS TV Tim Burton LA Addams Family Saved by the Bell trailer Netflix announces Assassin’s Creed Live Action show Willow coming to D+ with Warwick Davis and Jon M Chu directing pilot Jonathan Entwistle will be helming a movie and tv continuation of power rangers connected verse SYFY Day of the Dead gets director Steven Kostanski Castings Quibi is dead Movies Rescue rangers LA in works for Disney Plus Jamie Foxx in Day Shift Netflix vampire movie First look at Uncharted movie with Nathan Drake and Sully   Filming done  Battlestar Galactica movie from Kinberg No Time to Die being shopped around to streaming services 600mil V for Vendetta back in theatres on 10/30 Filmmaker Conversation About the Dystopia Adaptation Gaming Unboxing videos of PS5 released Cyberpunk delayed DEC Ghostrunner POP LEGO Ideas Sesame Street set NOV 1 McFarlane Princess Bride Airbender  Bane & Injustice E2 Bats Target sold out.  Nightwing v Red Hood 2 pack preorder sold out (wide?) Mezco  Static 6 Doctor Fate Leatherface preorder tomorrow  Mondo Creature from BL 1/6 Hot Toys ...



October 16, 2020 NaN
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Episode 182 - Towelite Prodigy

Casey and Chris were out fighting the evil forces of Scalpator when suddenly they realized they hadn't recorded a new podcast in a long, long time! The battle for toy domination had wait so YOU could enjoy this slew of news headed to your earholes! SO DO IT! Intro Update on Pursuit of Plastic Kickstarter Marvel - TV, Movies & Games First look at MODOK hulu SPIDEY 3 Jamie Foxx reprising electro role? Dr Strange? Garfield and Maguire? DC - TV, Movies & Games  Sarah Shahi as Isis in Black Adam? Green Lantern HBO Max official, 10 episodes. Will explore stories of VARIOUS Lanterns.  DCU infinite announces transition, pricing and member voucher offer. SW - TV, Movies & Games Certain point of view excerpts  SW Holiday Special actors  Comics Berserk manga coming back DC Rorschach makes Watchmen TV canon? Future State Marvel John Ridley to write Wolverine COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Juegorama Board Game Masks - Art by David Daza TV/Streaming Nightbreed series from Michael Dougherty and Clive Barker  Zack Snyder's Army of the Dead Anime Casts Joe Manganiello, Vanessa Hudgens, and More Cobra Kai 1/8/21. S4 a go.  Magic order cancelled amongst a whole lot more at netflix  Dexter coming back in 2021 GOT House of the Dragon Paddy Considine cast as ...



October 01, 2020 NaN
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Episode 181 - Towelite the Barbarian

By Crom! Casey and Chris are an adventure of a lifetime! Fighting Barbarians, slaying hydras and more! Will you join their battle to bring peace to the known universe? No, well how about listening to this podcast then? Intro Geeking out  Marvel - TV, Movies & Games Ms Marvel  Iman Vellani as Kamala Khan sets Directing Team WandaVision trailer  Helstrom full teaser Nick Fury series for Disney + Madam Masque and Echo rumored for Hawkeye Spiderman face changed for PS5 DC - TV, Movies & Games  James Gunn bringing The Peacemaker to HBO Max Supergirl ending on Season 6 Alex Morf cast as Zsasz in Batwoman Goyer Batman Unburied podcast for Spotify  SW - TV, Movies & Games Cassian gets new director Toby Haynes Ready for Squadrons? Comics DC Raised by Wolves  Bad idea launch slate  COMMERCIAL  Crowd$ourcery Haslab Hero Quest  Razor Crest Pursuit of Plastic TV  The Boys spinoff Netflix Conan LA series for netflix Dark Crystal: AOR cancelled Movies Lion king sequel  The craft legacy trailer Netflix's Resident Evil Infinite Darkness animated movie Gaming Microsoft buys Zenimax (bethesda parent company) for 7.5 billion  ...

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