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Two best friends since childhood talking the latest news from the pop culture world. Collectibles, video games, TV, movies, comics and more! You can find out more by visiting our website for all things Geekly. DFAT Entertainment was created by Casey Bowker and Chris Walk. Title music credits

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Latest Episodes…

  1. A Very Rhythm-based Video Game Podcast

    Don and Casey from Don't Forget a Towel discuss some of the best rythm-based games to grace consoles and arcades. Some hits include: PaRappa the Rapper, Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band and more! Be sure to check out our other great podcasts: Those Geeks You Know, Gourmet Scum ...


  2. Episode IV: A Newer Hope

    Chris and Casey discuss their love of Star Wars and how it's shaped their friendship. ...


  3. The DC Cinematic Universe

    Casey and his friend Brian Platter talk about the upcoming slate of DC films for the next five years.  ...


  4. The Flash

    Chris and Casey continue their CW Superhero Show discussion by tackling The Flash. ...


  5. The Arrow

    Chris and Casey from Don't Forget a Towel discuss the amazing show of CW's Arrow. It starts off talking with Flash AND Arrow, but quickly gets too much with the world of Ollie and Friends, so they just stick to that. Enjoy! ...